Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Trial Period for this product has expired - SharePoint 2007

I recently copied a Virtual Hard Disk from my Colleague and when I tried to create a new Publishing site, I got the error message "The trial period for this product has expired". I checked the licence tab in Central Admin and found that it said it was a enterprise licence.

On further investigation I found out that the service account used for the web application where I was trying to create a publishing site was using the "Network Service" account, on changing this to an account that was a member of the local administrator's group (since this was a development VM loaded on my laptop) the error message vanished, how strange!


Janessa's Dad said...

Even with the right service accounts and a valid product key, we still had the error on 1 farm. I ended up needing to run (re-run) the SP2 hotfix on my WFEs and rebooting to make the error go away:

SYSTEC said...

Thanks, that was exacly our problem. Glad there are people like you sharing their solutions! :D