Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Office 365 April 2017 updates. What’s New?

Microsoft has released a lot of cool new features as updates for its Office 365 Business premium subscribers. Few of the most exciting enhancements are
  • §  Outlook Customer Manager
  • §  Microsoft To-Do
  • §  Designer to PowerPoint on iPad
  • §  Support for Office 365 Groups in additional Office apps
What is Outlook Customer Manager?
Small businesses would find this update handy. Instead of having a separate CRM tool to manage customer relationships, now Outlook does the job. With Outlook Customer Manager, you now can manage customer relationships effectively. It comes with intelligent reminders and seamless integration with Bing, Cortana and other tools.
Though the update for Windows platform was released on November 2016, now it is made available for iOS and Outlook Web.

Check this video for an exciting demo: 

Tasks made easy with Microsoft To-Do
It is easy to plan and manage your work with Microsoft To-Do, an intelligent task management app. Stay organised and prioritise the next urgent job for the day with effective task management and intelligent suggestions. With a cloud storage, syncing across devices is automatic. Access your priorities wherever you are.

Microsoft To-Do preview: 

Designer to PowerPoint on iPad
We already have Designer for Desktop. With Designer creating stunning presentations can be done in seconds. But that is a luxury not for tablets. But no more the case with this latest update. Designer is made available on iPad also.

To learn more about Designer, please visit here

Image Courtesy: Microsoft 
Support for Office 365 Groups in additional Office apps
Groups is a feature in Outlook that offers worthy improvements over traditional distribution lists. It has a shared space for group conversations, calendars, files, notes etc. Now, this update brings in Groups to Outlook for Mac, iOS & Android.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft
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